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A multiplayer pirate adventure game

Sea of Thieves is a premium adventure game developed by Rare Ltd. This game is a first-person multiplayer pirate adventure in which players sail on a vast open world and battle other players.

Sea of Thieves is a major release standard game version. So, anyone purchasing the game will receive a special edition that includes in-game goodies to help you look like a real pirate on your first trip. You will receive the hunter knife, pistol, compass, a 10,000-gold bonus, and more. Players who have already joined the game will also receive these bonuses.

Be a pirate and have an exciting adventure

Sea of Thieves is a multiplayer game supporting co-op and PVP gameplay. You will assume the role of a pirate, sailing on the open sea to find treasure and battle other ships. You can sail as part of a crew of up to four people or by yourself, taking on missions and other challenges. You will also sail to multiple locations—to find treasures, transport trade goods and hunt animals.

This game allows everyone to succeed based on skill and strategy instead of mechanically favoring the most gold and reputation. It also focuses on emergent gameplay, meaning crews encountering each other on the seas can choose how to play their encounter. They can fight to control each other's gathered treasure in ship-to-ship or close combat. You must earn gold and develop a reputation to become a pirate legend.

Progression in this game world is achieved through voyages and quests that raise your reputation with trading companies. Building a good reputation among trading companies means you will be entrusted with increasingly complex and dangerous voyages with more fabulous treasures to gain. However, the game does have some repetitive and formulaic quests. Furthermore, the game's graphics made it possible to use water and atmospheric conditions as integral parts of gameplay.

The Legend of Monkey Island crossover

Get ready to encounter the formidable Pirate King as the realm of Monkey Island merges with the Sea of Thieves in a remarkable collaboration with Lucasfilm Games. This thrilling three-part Tall Tale expansion will be introduced through a free update, granting you access to new destinations to discover and a host of captivating characters to encounter. Embark on your adventure and cross paths with Murray, the mischievous talking skull, the fearsome ghost captain LeChuck, the charismatic Guybrush Threepwood, his beloved companion Elaine, and an array of other iconic characters that will leave an indelible mark on your journey.

Moreover, within the enchanting realm of Monkey Island, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in its breathtaking beauty, majestic splendor, and captivating ambiance while delving into its mysterious secrets. Whether you prefer to embark on this extraordinary voyage alone or join forces with your fellow crew members, the choice is yours to traverse and engage in thrilling adventures together. However, this expansion is still under development.

Explore a vast open world

Sea of Thieves is an adventure game that offers an immersive pirate experience in a vast open world. With its first-person multiplayer gameplay, players can sail the seas, battle other players, and seek out treasures. While some quests can be repetitive, the game's stunning graphics and use of water and atmospheric conditions enhance the overall experience. The collaboration with Lucasfilm Games brings a new Tall Tale expansion set on Monkey Island.


  • Emergent storytelling at its finest
  • Appealing water and atmospheric conditions
  • Supports multiplayer mode
  • With multiple locations to explore


  • Quests begin to feel repetitive

Program available in other languages

Sea of Thieves for PC

  • Paid

  • In English
  • V 1.0
  • 4.3


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